The Perspicacity of the Night

There is something ghastly about the time that flies in the dead of night. It is during the hour of the ghosts that life can take simple turns of mental and spiritual experiences. As you lay writhing in the numbness of inexplicable pain, you wake up sweating from the chilly horrors that populate your dreams only to be left wondering about the polarity of the situation. Is it the light of souls that made your life flash through the sleeping pupils of dreams? Or was it the wailing of an undead spirit, screaming to be heard? Is any of this mental state, psychological? Or just another episode of the night, exaggerated by nothing but your mind and subconscious dreams pioneering a new chapter in the coming of a new day, in the dying of an old body and the birth of another microcosm of unexplained lifeless celestial kingdoms governed by that which cannot be comprehended by our toddler like minds? Whatever it be, it is your experience and for you to unravel. 

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light

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