Why is it that we all make mistakes? Why is it, that we never want to learn from the mistakes of others? Is it so important for each and every one of us to make the same mistakes by ourselves and learn the lesson that someone so dear to us was trying to teach us?
Is it our ego that marks upon our decisions or is it our emotions? What controls them more? The Ego , the Emotions, or is it something more?
Why is it that every time we mug up for an exam, we remember most? Why is it that we get anxious over numbers that are imaginary and devised only to prove our worth, but mean nothing?
It is all a pretentious farce!
We live in a world that teaches us to live life in a particular way. There are rights and there are wrongs. No subjective viewpoints. That is the way the world functions. It is not by observation, but by being told. Then why, do we not listen to the more important things in life?
A blogpost is no place to find enlightenment, but you never know, what may strike you as inspirational. If I can find inspiration in a dead puppy, you can find it in a candy wrapper. Who is to say?
And what if we make mistakes? Are we wasting our time? Yes, probably! When we know it’s a mistake and yet we pursue it. That is utter bullshit. Learn to live and not waste time. And learn the difference between recreation, leisure and wasting time too. You may be making a mistake in choosing the wrong option.

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light!

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