Mother Darkness?

He looks at us, she looks at us. Mother darkness has been upset with all this talk of light. Father light was birthed by the mother of us all, and through this rose our world. But who is to say for God simply said ‘Let there be a world’ and poof; Brahma thought and his thoughts manifested, as they continue to do till the end of eternity.
Almost every religion will tell you a creationist story in their own version, but nobody mentions mother darkness. She was the first to exist. Are we so ignorant that we forget our past? But then again, the big bang is only a theory.
Who is to say what truly happened. Devdutt Pattanaik has rightly said, “…Within infinite myths lies the eternal truth. Who sees it all? Varuna has but a thousand eyes. Indra, a hundred. You and I, only two.”

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light!

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