The Unhappy Warlord

So, I follow this guy Chuck Wendig. Every Friday he posts flash fiction challenges for writers to follow.

This weeks challenge was to write a 100 word story. No particular theme or challenge, just a simple 100 word story. This is my story, it’s exactly 100 words.



Once upon a time, there lived an unhappy Warlord. He had conquered all the lands of the world, but there was something he couldn’t understand. Despite having all the material possible, the Warlord wasn’t happy.
After contemplating over his issues, he realised what he had to do.
He discarded the title of ‘Warlord’, and declared himself as ‘God’. His life changed, and with it, the world.
Till this day, no one has ever seen him. All we know is that people will kill in his name. Perhaps the imprint he has left on our race will never fade…

The End



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