The Lone Man In The Dark

Okay, since I recently moved my blog to WordPress, I realise that many of my better posts might never get seen. There are a few that I really want to share with people. I’m getting a better response from WordPress than what I got on Blogger.
So here is the first of many reposts of what I consider my best posts of last year.

Dark Words from a Black Mind

Complete Darkness, darkness stood everywhere. The chill in the forest that night was too deathly. The stench of the wet soil rose and added to the horror of the night. Critters of the dark, rodents and flying pests lay still making their own hymns as a man ran through the wet dark road.
‘Damn. Damn.’ He muttered under his breath as he ran with all his might. His eyes had grown accustomed to the dark a while ago but it didn’t help much. The night was too sly and the man could only make out dark figures in his way. The aroma of wet tree bark, leaves with tiny insects on them, buzzing and chirping every once a while filled in to the scary aura of the forest this man was in.
After a while, he stood under a tree to catch his breath. He looked back the way he…

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