He brushed his entangled wavy hair off his face. Every time he did that, they would make fun of him. They would call him gay, cocksucker, and so many other names.
Years later, when their own children came out of the closet, they wondered how it could be? Their kids looked so normal. How then could they be attracted to the same-sex?

Looking back at their childhood, they realised that their teachers had refrained from the subject of sex. It was against their religion. The fictionalised account of how we came to be had driven the world from one historical event to another. Sadly, those who challenged the fantasy were branded as witches or satanists. Reality was but a warped image of what life was.

Perhaps, this is the nature of humanity, the long-haired boy thought to himself, we never want to create that which appeals us. The acceptance of society is what means the most to us. And what was the value of a life that revolves around a fantasy?

He brushed that thought away, like his entangled wavy hair, and greeted his girlfriend with a kiss. Holding hands, they walked away towards their anti-religious fantasy book convention.


6 thoughts on “The Fantasy of Life

  1. This is a concise glimpse into some very personal thought processes. Yet the protagonist seems somehow detached from the insults, perhaps because of a fatalistic surrender to the darker side of society. Despite that, the story ends with hope in the form of an alternate fantasy becoming reality. Nice wrap-up.

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