To Sangh, With Love

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An open letter to the people, the Sangh, and a Harvard alumnus

Sources: shoebat, Wikipedia, newrepublic, gopthedailydose, Sources: shoebat, wikipedia, newrepublic, gopthedailydose

Dear Sangh Parivar

With an abrasively right wing party now in power – our country is at a crossroads of sorts – longingly stretching its arms towards “development” while clinging to dangerously medieval beliefs.

“Pseudo-secularism” seems to be the new catchphrase for people who’ve only recently learnt how to spell.

Let’s break it down:

  • pseudo : (adj) – not genuine; sham; insincere
  • secular :(adj) – not connected with religious or spiritual matters

‘Secular’ in the western context has traditionally meant a detachment of the state from religious affairs. Owing to India’s amazing ethnic composition, our Constitution Makers chose an interesting middle ground – disfavour towards, yet acknowledgement of all religions, offering protection to minorities.

Today “pseudo-secular” (and its infantile cousin “sickular”) is thrown at everyone who rejects the notion of Hindu…

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