What a Splendid Morning…

Well, hello there folks. I know it isn’t really morning everywhere, but where I live, it’s morning. So Good Morning!
It has been a tough few months. I was working on my book, as I may have mentioned a few times in my last few posts. I wasn’t able to work on the blog, or anything else to be honest. However, I did work on 2 things in the mean time. I worked with the Catharsis Project on their first short film. I did the Screenplay for them. Apart from that, I did some freelance work. But now it’s time to return to my passions, which is writing and movies. So here’s my checklist for the next few days:

  1. Post more details about my book (This I will do once my Legal Consultant allows me to).
  2. Write Screenplay (I’ve been thinking and developing an idea for almost a year. Now that my book is done, I can finally move on to a new project).
  3. Write more. Blog more.

Well, for now I guess that’s it. I shall add more stuff to it. Until then…

May your Darkness guide you to your Light!

P.S.: The featured image is an old click from 2012. I had gone to Mahabalipuram, and clicked this on a low-end digicam. If you want to buy a printed version of the picture, or any of my other clicks, check out my mobileprints profile: http://mobileprints.com/profiles/ronit-jadhav.html.


Been a while… hasn’t it?

It’s been a while since I last posted anything on this blog. Well, to be honest I’ve been busy with stuff, especially concerning my book (which is done editing and copyrighted, so Publishers, you may inbox me). However, in those last few hectic months, I went on a small weekend trip to Konkan with my family. It wasn’t the best of trips cause I was sick, but it did give me a chance to click some pictures on my much neglected camera. I’ve been so focused on my books, I almost forgot how fun it is to just look through the viewfinder at the beauty of the world.

Here are some of the clicks. I was a little under the weather so couldn’t click as many as I would have liked, but I’m happy with what I got. What do you think?







May your Darkness guide you to your Light!

WordPress, here I am.

Okay, so it’s been a long time since I moved my blog here. However, I haven’t had time to post anything.

Things have happened in the past few days, weeks even, that have opened my mind to newer experiences. Well, maybe it was time for a change.

I moved to WordPress and I hope I’ll be able to continue on with my blogposts, maybe better than before. I simply rant, speak (type) my mind and share whatever thoughts cross my head. The point of naming the blog ‘Dark Words from a Black Mind’ (which I have explained a few times in short sentences before) is that I do not believe what is dark is wrong. We all see the light and the dark, but there are so many dark things that hold beauty. The first years after the big bang were spent in darkness. Light came into existence only much later. So why must we ignore the dark?

We fear the unknown, but robotics was once unknown to us. Today, we are surrounded by robots. We have become robots. Why then, should we discriminate against the dark? People always say look to the light, but what if the answers lie in the dark? Why not?

The duality of the cosmos is undebatable, but shouldn’t we consider the two halves as one whole? After there is much and more to this world than what meets the eye. They say that 99.99% of this universe is nothing. Yet, we live our lives complaining about things that probably won’t even matter to us only moments later. In this depressing monotonous life we live, there is yet beauty, inspiration and wonder. Even in your darkest hours, there is still hope. Just because your angel is shrouded in a cloak of darkness doesn’t mean that she isn’t there.

Open your eyes. You can even see in the dark. You just need an open mind. Yes, don’t just open your eyes, open your mind, your inner eyes. Perhaps, it is only after you tread in Darkness will you find your light.

May Your Darkness guide you to Your Light!

We need more Diverse Books

Well, I’m not the kind of person really motivates you to go do something great, except maybe call the Cthulhu (not sure if that is the best of ideas). But I did read something that I found really interesting. Trust me, it deals with the many discriminations that we do subconsciously just because our parents didn’t let us walk around naked when we were kids. Too random but it is the fundamentals that matter the most.
Chuck Wendig, well known Penmonkey (whose blog I almost regularly follow) wrote this extremely long but worth the time spent read. I don’t know how ethical it is to share another man’s work on my blog, but then again we have Bollywood. So shamelessly, I share here with you something that I believe you must read.

If you are lazy (like most of us are), then here is what he shared at the end of his post: “The We Need Diverse Books Indigogo Campaign

I won’t tell you to do anything. I’m sure your sick of your parents, teachers, politicians, and PS4s telling you what to do.

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light!