Pretentiousness at it’s finest in a Symbolism lost to Words

Transforming paradoxes into metaphorical lunacies
to unburden the staggering mind into deterioration
and flinging faeces at the flimsy formations of information
that create all that might be and may not
for all that might be or may not is naught
but complete absurdities of the nature of illusions
amidst the passages that bridge the realms of the multiverse
to decode the binary codecs of life and death.

-Ronit Jadhav

May Your Darkness guide you to Your Light!


Existential Decomposition

Fractured Moonlight falls upon the lonely tomb
of he whose name no one shall ever remember
For time hath eroded his existence from the very stone
that carved unto itself his name, his fame.
The Doer of Good or Evil unknown
lies nameless in his Decomposed Coffin.
And here we sit dreaming of Eternal Glory.

-Ronit Jadhav

May Your Darkness guide you to Your Light

WordPress, here I am.

Okay, so it’s been a long time since I moved my blog here. However, I haven’t had time to post anything.

Things have happened in the past few days, weeks even, that have opened my mind to newer experiences. Well, maybe it was time for a change.

I moved to WordPress and I hope I’ll be able to continue on with my blogposts, maybe better than before. I simply rant, speak (type) my mind and share whatever thoughts cross my head. The point of naming the blog ‘Dark Words from a Black Mind’ (which I have explained a few times in short sentences before) is that I do not believe what is dark is wrong. We all see the light and the dark, but there are so many dark things that hold beauty. The first years after the big bang were spent in darkness. Light came into existence only much later. So why must we ignore the dark?

We fear the unknown, but robotics was once unknown to us. Today, we are surrounded by robots. We have become robots. Why then, should we discriminate against the dark? People always say look to the light, but what if the answers lie in the dark? Why not?

The duality of the cosmos is undebatable, but shouldn’t we consider the two halves as one whole? After there is much and more to this world than what meets the eye. They say that 99.99% of this universe is nothing. Yet, we live our lives complaining about things that probably won’t even matter to us only moments later. In this depressing monotonous life we live, there is yet beauty, inspiration and wonder. Even in your darkest hours, there is still hope. Just because your angel is shrouded in a cloak of darkness doesn’t mean that she isn’t there.

Open your eyes. You can even see in the dark. You just need an open mind. Yes, don’t just open your eyes, open your mind, your inner eyes. Perhaps, it is only after you tread in Darkness will you find your light.

May Your Darkness guide you to Your Light!

A Surge of Positivity

Yes, I’m actually feeling positive. I read somewhere that if you reflect upon just three good things of that day before you sleep, it makes you feel better. If you write it down, it will make you feel even more positive.
The idea behind writing down things that made you feel good on the said day is to make you relive those good moments. When your mind is focused on the good, reminded of the good, it begins to believe in the good. And trust me, I did that and well, it’s worked. I have been more positive in these 25 days than I had been last year.
Ah well, so much for the name of my blog.
I really don’t know if what I say makes any sense to anyone. I tend to drift in and out of random thoughts. The typical ADHD type of behaviour. But it isn’t that bad, you know. It just goes to show that I have a lot in my mind that I am dying to articulate. And that delivery of thoughts might get messed up. There is an idea everywhere. You just need to see it. Maybe read between the line (Maybe that will help).
But just to clarify, I’m not promoting any satanic cult or probing you towards the dark side. I’m just sharing my thoughts, which linger in and around the grey area. I won’t say there isn’t any black or white. I’m just saying it’s up to you. Either you can look at the grey, the black or the white. Your perception really does make a difference.
What you perceive is what you believe. And belief, as many have seen in the past, can demolish buildings; moving mountains might be next on the list.
Well, let me know if this made you think.

May Your Darkness guide you to Your Light!

Nearing the End of another Year

The year is coming to an end. This has been a hell of a rollercoaster ride from hell to heaven with a ticket cut to Genabackis right after finishing off Westeros. Yes, geeky.
I’ve had my ups and downs. I’ve had my share of drama. My time in the light, my epiphanies in the dark. I started this blog for absolutely no reason other than the fact that I love to write. And well, Here I stand (sit actually) barely 10,000 words from finishing my very first novel. Yes, that is what I have been up to all year. But it wasn’t an easy ride. Actually it was. The supplements of my real life however weren’t.
Understand this, I keep saying look to the dark, tread in the dark, etc., etc. because I don’t think the darkness is wrong. Hell, it is only one side of the coin. Nothing is bad. Well, Godhra was bad. But never mind.
I’ve come to a point where I can really see how far I have come. Not just with my novel, but with my life. In less than a year, I wrote over 214914 words. And well, I have lived much and more than that. And with every incident that has passed, I can see how it has all affected me. I’ve made terrible mistakes, realised terrible wrongs and tried to right all I could.
Just look back to your year and see how much you’ve done. How much have you suffered? How much have you lived? Every instance that will flash in your mind will show you how great your life has been. Or not. Depends on your perception.
I’ve done not so socially acceptable things this year (nothing illegal), and well I’m happy. That is what matters. (Fuck, I’m cheesy. I see know how much I might have changed as well.)
Anyways, hope you guys had a great year.

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light!

How to avoid killing yourself by killing someone else instead

Yeah, that is the title. I’m getting good at this, aren’t I? Don’t answer that.
Well, suicide is a frowned upon act, and in many ways it is extremely hurtful. Some people say suicide isn’t the end of life, it is the end of pain and misery. But well, if your life is full of pain and misery, perhaps you do need to end it. Wait, before you slit yourself, let me make this clear. Suicide is an option. But there is a better option. Homicide.
You aren’t the only person suffering. There are starving children in Africa, idiots on the internet blabbering about stuff that takes your attention off the important events, and many other assholes. No one truly deserves to die. But hey, you don’t always get what you deserve. 
Don’t kill yourself because you didn’t get what you want, because your lacking something. You have it in you. You have everything you need inside you. All you need is a little push (not off a cliff).
Before you think that ‘I am done. I have nothing to live for…’ think again. Perhaps you do. There are people who you think don’t need you. You’re wrong. You don’t need them. Cut them off (not literally). Homicide is illegal. So don’t just read the title and murder someone. It was just my way of attracting you here so you would read what I have. Not all you read on the internet is true. But it can and should make you think
We are programmed to follow, not to think. And well, if you follow your guts and kill yourself, you’ll be preventing a whole series of events that might happen just because of your existence. On the contrary, if you decide to dedicate your life to saving lives, being a vigilante or just simple social service, well you can do much better. The point is to think. Renovate your perceptions. Sometimes, the darkness is what holds the greatest of treasures. Remember, light did not exist till after a crapload of years. If the world could survive in the dark then, well, we can still do so. Just because the sun shines doesn’t mean the shadows are any darker. Maybe the shadows are trying to help you.
Forget about what society tells you. They’re nutjobs. Think for yourselves. Open your mind and throw away those suicidal thoughts.
As for homicide, well by killing, I meant cut them off. Let them be dead to you. Their existence shouldn’t matter. And if you really want to kill, then kill the people all you want but only in your head. Sometimes visualising murder can calm you down. But if it is getting out of hand, please see a psychiatrist.
I hope I don’t get sued for this.
My posts are getting weirder I feel…

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light!


Another year, the festival of lights begins. It is a time of happiness, family love, and deafening firecrackers.
The lights in the houses and outside on the streets in this time of the year are simply a treat for the eye. The crackers are simply a medical condition in the making.
Would Ram really want us to induce deafness into our future generation? Who knows?
Yes this isn’t the happiest of posts, but the point is to make you think. Is there really any significance in the crackers? Diwali is meant for the lights, for the family and loved ones. To share treats and exchange gifts brought out of love, not obligation. Diwali is yet another commercial festival in India, just like Ganpati, Holi and Christmas.
The essence of it is truly lost. But then again, what used to be a way of life in the ancient times is now simply a matter of tradition. Tradition not followed out of love or excitement, but out of the sense of duty.
Someone should really try and celebrate a peaceful Diwali (and all other festivals) keeping in mind the original idea behind such events. After all, we are the generation of globalisation. Who knows what more waits for us in the future?

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light!