Andrei Rublev (1966)

Most of you might not know who Andrei Rublev was. Many of you won’t even know about this masterpiece by Soviet and Russian Filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky (Ivan’s Childhood, Solyaris, Mirrors, etc.).

I’m currently watching his films, which I must admit are some of the finest pieces of filmmaking I’ve ever seen. Until now, I’d heard that Tarkovsky is one of the best filmmakers of all time. I can now confirm that Tarkovsky is one of the best filmmakers of all time.

Andrei Rublev in particular deals with the early 15th Century Russia. It is a hostorical biopic based on the life of a religious icon painter. And believe me, this film is inspiring as hell. I don’t easily rate films 10/10 on IMDb. But with this one, I had to. It was so beautifully shot, well written and composed with such excellence. I regret not having watched this at last year’s film festival (Long story short: festival management and delegates were annoying and ruined my experience of watching films). But seriously, you should go and get a copy of this film and watch it. Watch it as many times as you can and absorb the essence of Tarkovsky’s brilliant filmmaking. It is one of the finest films I’ve ever seen, and has inspired me to write.

I’m still watching Tarkovsky’s filmography. I don’t know when I’ll be done as I’m busy with other freelancing stuff, and my book (can never forget my book). Until then…

May your Darkness guide you to your Light!


Chor – Teaser | The Catharsis Project

As I had mentioned earlier, some of my very talented filmmaker friends were working on something they call ‘The Catharsis Project‘. They’re very ambitious, and I happened to work with them on the Screenplay for their first short in this project, titled ‘Chor’.

Here is the teaser for the same. Hope you guys enjoy it. Like, share, subscribe. You know the drill.

May your Darkness guide you to your Light!

The Catharsis Project

A bunch of my very talented filmmaker friends have started a crowd funding campaign for their project titled, “The Catharsis Project“.
24 months, 12 short films. That is their goal.

If you can, please do contribute to their creative cause. Just click on the link below:

In case you are wondering what kind of movies they make, here is the link to their previous film, “Chor”:

Watch, like, comment, subscribe, and most importantly, contribute if you like what they have made.

I wish them all the best in their venture. Here is to a great year ahead with brilliant short films coming from the Catharsis Project.

May Your Darkness guide you to Your Light!

Our Film got Selected!!!

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 15.50.01

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 16.37.14

We are excited to announce that our film, “What is Death?” has been selected for screening at the Access Code Short Film Festival. Our film will be screened on Day 2 of the Festival (which happens to be 14th June, tomorrow).
This film was made between June 2014 – March 2015.
Written, Directed and Edited by: Ronit Jadhav​ (me!)
Executive Producer: Rohit D’souza​
Cinematography: Sneha Patil​
Creative Consultant: Della Ann​
Sound: Shaishav Gandhi​
Also, we would like to give a special thanks to the band Synchronous​ for composing original music, and also for lending us their studio for recording.

Please do check out our Facebook Page:
You can even check out our old short films:

Am I the only one who thought Avengers: Age of Ultron was okay?

Yes, we have all heard of the hype that Avengers: Age of Ultron has been propagating. Everyone is excited to see their favourite superheroes fight this mad AI powered robot dude who wants to end all of mankind. Being a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I too was dying to watch this summer blockbuster since the first teaser/trailer was released.
I wasn’t impressed.
Well, the action scenes were amazing (and I’m someone who prefers art films to Hollywood). The characters were deep and the dilemmas were real. But, somewhere, there was something missing. Unlike it’s predecessor, this one did not have to introduce the characters or form a new team or anything. The stage was already set. And with it, so were the expectations.
Without spoilers, I honestly felt that the character of Ultron was not done enough justice. The Vision was such an amazing character, one of the best in the comics. He too, I felt, wasn’t done enough justice in the film. As with that, the story of the Maxmimoff twins was really interesting, but wasn’t given enough screen time.
I guess, with such an ensemble cast, it would be difficult to treat all the characters equally. However, knowing how well they had done that in the previous instalment, I was expecting better. There was simply too much to cram into this one, all the while wrapping up Phase 2 and setting the stage for Phase 3.
All in all, I would give it 3.5/5 *
It was a roller-coaster ride of a movie. The Hulk vs. Hulkbuster battle was perhaps one of the best parts of the movie. Do watch it though, it’s a really good movie. But don’t keep your hopes high. Or do, everyone loved it more than I did. So who knows…

Disappointment with a hint of Homicidal Tendancy

So I just returned from the Mumbai Film Festival. I had been attending this lovely treat for cinephiles like me for the past two years. This year was amazingly terrible.
To begin with, the management was just as average as the previous years. I don’t understand how they could fuck up after having fucked up before. I almost lost my life in a stampede for a film. This is the level of our peoples’ stupidity. And to top it all up, there were ads being played. ADS. Are you fucking kidding me? Ads in a film festival? That too ads that are 15 minute long and eat up the time of the film? Seriously, someone needs to be spanked on the ass with a white hot iron rod. After this, I know for sure that I want to destroy the ad industry as horribly as I can.
But that isn’t even the wort part of the festival. The worst were the people, the pseudo-cinephiles. Honestly, the crowds were fanatics in the last few years; people who would begin a riot if there was a disturbance. This year, the crowd was the biggest disturbance I faced. Not one film was watched without a phone ringing, or someone chatting on WhatsApp. People were talking, people were laughing at the Korean accents in a film (nothing funny, in fact they laughed at a guy dying just because it sounded funny), when I voiced my opinion against the annoyingly horrifying ads that they were playing, this same crowd asked me to shut up, defending the management’s mistakes. This is what this festival has come to.
The movies were decent, the management was average, but the audience was worthy of hell. It is, I believe the fault of the management. Had they not commercialised their festival so much, it would still be catering to the niches that respect cinema, and not to the Facebook-WhatsApp generation that disrespects the film, the filmmaker and true-blood cinephiles.
Hope this festival never happens again. The crowds did not deserve it. And for those who actually deserve it, they cannot enjoy it as long as these assholes keep disturbing them. So what’s the point anyways?

May the Darkness consume you in your Light, MAMI! You were a big disappointment. 

Celebrating Existence

Just my last post, I mentioned the first anniversary of my film ‘Désespoir’. Today, I’ll mention something even more intimate. Today I finish 20 revolutions around our lovely sun.
Well, this might seem like a ‘Hey its my Birthday. Give me attention!’ post, but its not. I had some thoughts that churned in my mind. As the day passed by, with the societal rituals being followed, candle, cake and gifts being happily consumed, I began to think of a more deeper issue. I had finished almost 20-25% of my life, assuming that I would live to be at least 80 in this disease trodden world. With that, I understood, I entered a new phase of life. One where things will, and I too should, get serious. A new Phase. A new Chapter.
So many have been born on this very same day. So many have died as well. But I spend the day in lovely companionship with my friends, not caring about any of that. And no matter how dark and black I may be on the inside, I cannot but help it. I love them all. They got me the best gifts ever. A tiny army knife, many books, and loads of other things. To be true, these material gains I received have terribly overwhelmed me with a great wave of happiness and joy.
And as these thoughts cross my mind, I believe that the coming year is when I will, and I definitely should, begin my steps, from walking to sprinting, towards my goal. This is the second time I have done the same type of post. But this one is mainly to thank my friends for their blessing good wishes and to pay gratitude to the Gods that may or may not exist, for all the good and bad that has happened. For I am what I am because of everything in the past.Today, I truly do celebrate. Not the anniversary of my birth, but I celebrate my very existence.

The Past be a Prequel,
The Present its Sequel,
While the Future, an announced production,
That has yet to be planned.
It cannot exist without the Present’s presence,
Which in turn is nothing without the Past’s existence.
Life is a cyclic force, living with rules of causality.
It is our Dharma, it is our Karma,
To be what we must,
And to seek what we are,
for better or worse,
Through the Darkness, that envelopes us,
To the light we all seek,
But you mustn’t look for light,
Instead, embrace the darkness,
For Life is exactly that,
A meaningless concept,
That is full of Abstracts.