60 seconds of Inspiration

So I Stumbled Upon this one video. And it made me think. I have always been of the opinion that one should always follow your dreams. Not the cheesy way that looks easy in films, but the hard fucked up way that only those who have experienced will understand. I am at the start of a point in life where my hardships are just beginning and motivations like this video really help keeping me focused on the goal. This is to all those like me who have set out on the road less travelled by, instead of going the corporate way.

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light!


“What is it honey?” he asked. He thought he’d heard his wife call out to him.
When no reply came, he thought it was nothing. Then it all crashed down on him. His house, his life, all engulfed by the flames inside his mind. Another migraine.
He fell down on the carpet and writhed in pain. The TV show host laughed at one of the gags and the recorded audiences giggled as well. 
Clutching his hair, almost ripping it off he rolled trying to understand why the pain felt different. That is when the crimson dripped down his cheek. He noticed the pool of red forming below his head. There had to be something wrong. How was this possible.
He looked up, and a silhouette stared back at him.
As she bent down, he saw the bruised face of his wife, eyes bloodshot. In her hands, she gripped a spade from their garden.
“HOW DARE YOU?” he screamed. If the neighbours ever found out, his name would be cast down. Their family would be in shame.
In reply, she kept staring at him. He had never seen her enraged. Every time she did something wrong, she would clam up and accept his beatings. That was the way society had raised them. Their parents did it, and their grandparents. But was it true? Or was it a delusion that only he lived in?
“I’m done!” she whispered, barely enough for him to understand.
A divorce was shunned upon in their society. His migraine worsened. And the moment he realised that the migraine was actually the hurt from the wound he had tried to ignore, the spade came crashing down on him.
One hit, his vision was hazy. Second and the pain worsened. Third, and his life flashed before him, numbing his senses. A Fourth and unable to bear the excruciating pain, he fell unconscious.
As life left his body, from the passage between life and death, he heard the faint laughter of victory.
His societal prisoner was finally free.

Celebrating Existence

Just my last post, I mentioned the first anniversary of my film ‘Désespoir’. Today, I’ll mention something even more intimate. Today I finish 20 revolutions around our lovely sun.
Well, this might seem like a ‘Hey its my Birthday. Give me attention!’ post, but its not. I had some thoughts that churned in my mind. As the day passed by, with the societal rituals being followed, candle, cake and gifts being happily consumed, I began to think of a more deeper issue. I had finished almost 20-25% of my life, assuming that I would live to be at least 80 in this disease trodden world. With that, I understood, I entered a new phase of life. One where things will, and I too should, get serious. A new Phase. A new Chapter.
So many have been born on this very same day. So many have died as well. But I spend the day in lovely companionship with my friends, not caring about any of that. And no matter how dark and black I may be on the inside, I cannot but help it. I love them all. They got me the best gifts ever. A tiny army knife, many books, and loads of other things. To be true, these material gains I received have terribly overwhelmed me with a great wave of happiness and joy.
And as these thoughts cross my mind, I believe that the coming year is when I will, and I definitely should, begin my steps, from walking to sprinting, towards my goal. This is the second time I have done the same type of post. But this one is mainly to thank my friends for their blessing good wishes and to pay gratitude to the Gods that may or may not exist, for all the good and bad that has happened. For I am what I am because of everything in the past.Today, I truly do celebrate. Not the anniversary of my birth, but I celebrate my very existence.

The Past be a Prequel,
The Present its Sequel,
While the Future, an announced production,
That has yet to be planned.
It cannot exist without the Present’s presence,
Which in turn is nothing without the Past’s existence.
Life is a cyclic force, living with rules of causality.
It is our Dharma, it is our Karma,
To be what we must,
And to seek what we are,
for better or worse,
Through the Darkness, that envelopes us,
To the light we all seek,
But you mustn’t look for light,
Instead, embrace the darkness,
For Life is exactly that,
A meaningless concept,
That is full of Abstracts.