What a Splendid Morning…

Well, hello there folks. I know it isn’t really morning everywhere, but where I live, it’s morning. So Good Morning!
It has been a tough few months. I was working on my book, as I may have mentioned a few times in my last few posts. I wasn’t able to work on the blog, or anything else to be honest. However, I did work on 2 things in the mean time. I worked with the Catharsis Project on their first short film. I did the Screenplay for them. Apart from that, I did some freelance work. But now it’s time to return to my passions, which is writing and movies. So here’s my checklist for the next few days:

  1. Post more details about my book (This I will do once my Legal Consultant allows me to).
  2. Write Screenplay (I’ve been thinking and developing an idea for almost a year. Now that my book is done, I can finally move on to a new project).
  3. Write more. Blog more.

Well, for now I guess that’s it. I shall add more stuff to it. Until then…

May your Darkness guide you to your Light!

P.S.: The featured image is an old click from 2012. I had gone to Mahabalipuram, and clicked this on a low-end digicam. If you want to buy a printed version of the picture, or any of my other clicks, check out my mobileprints profile: http://mobileprints.com/profiles/ronit-jadhav.html.


Been a while… hasn’t it?

It’s been a while since I last posted anything on this blog. Well, to be honest I’ve been busy with stuff, especially concerning my book (which is done editing and copyrighted, so Publishers, you may inbox me). However, in those last few hectic months, I went on a small weekend trip to Konkan with my family. It wasn’t the best of trips cause I was sick, but it did give me a chance to click some pictures on my much neglected camera. I’ve been so focused on my books, I almost forgot how fun it is to just look through the viewfinder at the beauty of the world.

Here are some of the clicks. I was a little under the weather so couldn’t click as many as I would have liked, but I’m happy with what I got. What do you think?







May your Darkness guide you to your Light!

Randomly clicked some pics at Carter Road

So I went out to Carter Road again today, but this time with my DSLR. It’s been a while since I clicked random pictures while walking on around. I’m sharing the best of those.
Feel free to criticise.

1. The Setting Sun is veiled by Clouds

Clouds veiling the Sun

2. The Crescent Moon above a Sea of Clouds

The Cresent Moon over a Sea of Clouds

3. A Crow gaze’s from above the Street Light

The Enlightened Crow

It was pretty fun doing this. Feel free to comment your thoughts.

May Your Darkness guide you to Your Light!

Clicking after a long time…

The feel of the click and the sound of the shutter is something that all photographers are accustomed to. It’s safe to say that many even love their camera more than people. At least I feel that way (I must seem really antisocial, but I don’t care. I’m really loveable you know). Anyways, It had been a while since I had clicked anything on my camera. And well, it’s almost out of warranty now, only a few more days left. I don’t see how it matters, but just felt like mentioning it. I had been focusing on finishing my novel. I was so hellbent on writing, I had kept my filmmaking and photography parts aside. So today, I just picked up my cam, some random stuff lying around in my room, and started clicking. I’m not uploading any pictures yet because I feel that whatever ‘project’ I started today isn’t complete. However, I just felt good about it. I shall post those pictures here once I’m done. Till then, I’ll link you all to one of my old posts where I had shared a photo essay I did for a college project. Click here for it. I will repost that project later tonight. Until then… May Your Darkness guide you to Your Light!

Some entries are just… blah…

So I was present at a photography screening on Carter Road. I won’t say who had organised it as I must honestly admit that I have seen their exhibitions and they are really good. However, the ones I did see at the promenade were….
Well the first photographer whose pictures they screened were really good. I loved the compositions, the rusty portrayal of rural life, even the monochrome used gave a contrast to his overall colour grade.
Then the second photographer’s pictures came on the screen. All I can say is, they seemed more like pictures you take from a phone camera. I understand that even those pictures can be amazing. But the ones I saw… blah.
The third was a Brazilian. The first picture was good. The rest were not.
Now why I’m saying all this is because all these images were part of a competition, as far as I have understood. I just ran into this small crowd with a projector at the promenade and I was like ‘Hey let’s watch what’s happening.’ Now I didn’t exactly hear what the organiser was saying, and I’m pretty sure that they had much better photographs later on, but the third and second sets really bummed me out.
There was a part of me that said, ‘I could’ve clicked better pictures.’ But then I realised that I didn’t. I am very much capable of clicking better pictures. I know people who are much better than I am at clicking pictures. But guess what, none of those were there in that competition, it was those terrible pictures. And why?
Because those people actually took the efforts to go ahead and click pictures and send it in. This isn’t even the first time I’ve felt this way. There was another time when a short film I wrote the screenplay for won an award. But the others in competition were so horrible, I would’ve just disqualified them if I were the judge (And I have made a short film using my phone camera that went on to win the first place.).
The point is there are people who have no talent, but are willing to work hard. And only a few days back, a friend of mine reminded me of a quote by Kevin Durant,“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”

Maybe, if I (and many of us) had just put in a little more effort, we could have been short listed instead of those bad competitors who get selected for lack of entries. Maybe, just maybe.
But then again some people have terrible taste, so you can’t really judge. It’s all about what you like and what you don’t. For all I know, people loved the pictures I found crappy. Ah well, it’s up to you. I’m just sharing my thoughts.

May Your Darkness guide you to Your Light!

Photography Project

So this is my Photography project that I did a few months ago for college. I have used some of these pics in some of my blog posts, but I thought, hey, let this be a a separate blogpost where I can share all my pics as they are meant to be. So here it is.
For the assignment, we had to take up any social issue and make a 10 pic photo essay. I will not say more about it, I’ll let my pictures speak for themselves.
Do comment your thoughts.
…The Choice is Yours.
May the Darkness guide you to Your Light!


There is one thing that we all have in our lives, one thing that we all suffer through. Indulgence. We all indulge in various addictions, big or small, that cause us harm irreparable. Why must we do so? Is the high really that great? Is it worth the million tears that we will never see? Is it worth the suffering we impose on ourselves and our loving spectators who try so firmly to convince us to give up, but fail terribly?
To be true, we are masters of our own lives and we have the right to choose what is good and what is bad for us. But what can it be in that little cancer-stick that attracts such a big crowd of passive suicidal maniacs? Well, I cannot say for I have personally stayed away from these cravings, as much as I can. I won’t lie that I haven’t given in to these, but yes, I have managed to keep true to myself, not letting them take a hold of me. I have seen many and more fall prey to them. But there are those who are strong enough to refuse the prolonged torture they might have inflicted upon themselves.
Of course, this issue will keep going on for ages and eons to come. It is for you to decide what is right and what is wrong. Be it a mild sugar addiction to a heavy crack craving, it all needs to be kept under check. But this again, is subject to individual perception. Do what the right thing is, or fall deep into the lustful pit of torments. It is up to you. For yourself, and for anyone who you love.

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light!