Pretentiousness at it’s finest in a Symbolism lost to Words

Transforming paradoxes into metaphorical lunacies
to unburden the staggering mind into deterioration
and flinging faeces at the flimsy formations of information
that create all that might be and may not
for all that might be or may not is naught
but complete absurdities of the nature of illusions
amidst the passages that bridge the realms of the multiverse
to decode the binary codecs of life and death.

-Ronit Jadhav

May Your Darkness guide you to Your Light!


Existential Decomposition

Fractured Moonlight falls upon the lonely tomb
of he whose name no one shall ever remember
For time hath eroded his existence from the very stone
that carved unto itself his name, his fame.
The Doer of Good or Evil unknown
lies nameless in his Decomposed Coffin.
And here we sit dreaming of Eternal Glory.

-Ronit Jadhav

May Your Darkness guide you to Your Light

Cosmic Fallacy

Blinded by the greatness of the radiant sun,
The stars shy away every morning as,
The moon hides behind the shoulder of the horizon.
Yet, what astounds the people is not,
The astral beauty of the cosmos,
Nor it’s functionality.
It is the breached privacy of those
They deem worthy of fame.

– Ronit Jadhav

May Your Darkness guide you to Your Light!

The Point of Life

Whether it be a fly thee kill, or be it a monster slain by thy righteous hand,
Death in all it’s glory is still a sorrowful thing.
The perception is all that matters.
Who knows, the monster might be the avatar of the very gods thee worship.
God plays a game in the queerest of ways, ways we may never understand,
As for that sword you lift, it may be the bane of those you love the most.
Life is a strange phenomenon.
It is the soul that matters.
The ones that tread in light sweat as the sun tires them,
And the moon sends chills down the nighttime traveller,
Filling the mind with horrors with questionable existence.
Yet, we all tread on.
Maybe that is the point of life, to find a point in this spherical object,
Cyclic in nature and spirit, with nothing to lose or gain,
Except that we believe we are attached to.

Revelatory Dream

I fell asleep in the stars one night,
When I couldn’t seem to fight,
The urges of the previous day,
To kill them all, If I may!

The crows caw, the mice all squeal,
Desecrate our life’s show reel!
And murder every dream they say,
For good days are always yesterday!

Our perceptions are all but pale,
Hazed out by that branded ale,
Made by TV sets in every room,
Media bastions, mediocrity bloom!

And as I type from memories,
On this machine made overseas,
I realise we’re all but dead,
In a time that has come not yet.


Is there nothing for me
To see here on my journey
Is the world so blinded
By the norms of our humanity?

The darkness seems to scare me
And the light is full of clarity
Yet we hide within the shadows
Of our own society

The lamps that guide us will fade
And extinguish with time today
As we all move amongst the lot
To pave the way for yesterday

The waves of energy holy
That phases with melancholy
Will one day be there no more
Leaving us in our insanity

Prevailing will be anarchy
Full of people such as you and me
With weapons of our conscience

We will strive to save humanity

Apocalypse Approaching….

About two weeks have passed.
Pressure and positivity seem to be in the lacking.
Oscillatory motions have begun to recede.
Convulsions and copulations are nothing but sins.
Anarchy is in the making.
Liars and cheaters rule our world.
Yes, it is the sad truth.
Probably this is the worst post yet.
Senseless, yet maybe something worthy.
End is near.

And yet we know it not.
People are dying.
Perfumed radiation.
Reactions are lethargic.
Obviousness is not that obvious.
And Swag meets Yolo for a date.
Common Sense is the most uncommon.
Hungover nights and memory imploding.
Improper life.
Never to be understood.
Good-bye fucktards.

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light!