60 seconds of Inspiration

So I Stumbled Upon this one video. And it made me think. I have always been of the opinion that one should always follow your dreams. Not the cheesy way that looks easy in films, but the hard fucked up way that only those who have experienced will understand. I am at the start of a point in life where my hardships are just beginning and motivations like this video really help keeping me focused on the goal. This is to all those like me who have set out on the road less travelled by, instead of going the corporate way.

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light!

Revelatory Dream

I fell asleep in the stars one night,
When I couldn’t seem to fight,
The urges of the previous day,
To kill them all, If I may!

The crows caw, the mice all squeal,
Desecrate our life’s show reel!
And murder every dream they say,
For good days are always yesterday!

Our perceptions are all but pale,
Hazed out by that branded ale,
Made by TV sets in every room,
Media bastions, mediocrity bloom!

And as I type from memories,
On this machine made overseas,
I realise we’re all but dead,
In a time that has come not yet.

In the Dead of Night…

It is night time. Dark pitch midnight. Time for the critters and crawlers to rule the land as most of us big people sleep soundly. But what if, just what if you were awake one night, with the courage to walk towards that empty garden near your place? Imagine going there, in the dead of night, with no living organisms other than the viruses and bacteria that infest that land. The grass and trees seem devoid of life in the cold of the pitch black dead night.
And then, from within the darkness, you see a coffin. A coffin, with something in it. No, it isn’t your own body, it isn’t Dracula or any other vampire. It’s just a regular coffin with a bowl full of candy in it.
You ignore the candy obviously, you’re not a kid.
You look around the demonic garden with its isolated suffocating aura that seems to get into your head. Your mind begins to wander off into deep thoughts of why and how when suddenly,
A demon eyes you and says, “Come child, we have waited for you.”

What would you do….?

Ranting on…

So there is something that is happening in my life, which we all have to suffer through. Exams.Now I did not think I would be ranting so soon, considering just a few days back I had a rant post. But nonetheless, I was going through my notes and I realised that I have so much of hatred here.No don’t get me wrong, education is very important, but does it have to be so mundane boring and so fucking irritating. Since childhood we are force-fed this fear of failure so we can try and buckle up to compete with people in doing things that don’t even remotely interest us. I mean, I have no clue what I did learning about electronic circuits and the fundamentals of electronics for two years when I know that I’m gonna end up doing something in the arts field.We all suffer because of this farce of an education system.
We MUG up.
We don’t learn useful things, we only learn how to score more than other people.
No matter how cheesy-as-fuck 3 Idiots was, it did make sense.
The education system is fucked up. And It isn’t anyone else’s fault. Its us. We want this corporate monotony in our life. For some godforsaken reason, we’re afraid to feel what we should, do what we love and be what we want.It isn’t easy doing what you dream to do, but honestly, if you try to move away from the set of ground rules set by some dickhead with a degree, you’ll realise that the degree is just a disposable piece of paper with your name on it. It says you completed a course, but what about everything you learnt? Nobody can know unless they know who you are!
As for exams, which is what led me to this rant, they again are a farce. Another mockery to see what you are, make you vulnerable to peer pressure. It is like that quote by Einstein, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
This is what They are doing to us. We should focus on things that we are good at.
To end this very ambiguous and vague rant, I would like to share a link to one of my favourite songs of all time. ‘Sanitarium (Welcome Home)’ by Metallica.


It has been quiet for long. Some time has passed since my last write. With the world sticking its eyes out eagerly to see if or not World War Three might happen, it seems that people are finally getting busy in their media driven lives.
But that isn’t the point. The point is, so many things have happened in just the past week. And I have been silent to it all? This silence is golden. Spiritual to a level that I cannot express through mere words. It has been a while and things have happened. But how many of us are actually concerned? Are we just living everyday hoping to wake up the next day just so we can catch the latest episode of our Life?
Is it so great of an ignorance on our mind’s part that we have chosen to speak silence over voicing out our thoughts
I don’t know the point of this post. I honestly don’t. I have been stagnant and my mind has drifted into another part of my passion, that I hope will be my best work yet. Till then, think about the pointlessness of this post. And ask yourself, what else can be so pointless as a post posted by some random guy with an internet connection and access to blogger. What can it be?

The Perspicacity of the Night

There is something ghastly about the time that flies in the dead of night. It is during the hour of the ghosts that life can take simple turns of mental and spiritual experiences. As you lay writhing in the numbness of inexplicable pain, you wake up sweating from the chilly horrors that populate your dreams only to be left wondering about the polarity of the situation. Is it the light of souls that made your life flash through the sleeping pupils of dreams? Or was it the wailing of an undead spirit, screaming to be heard? Is any of this mental state, psychological? Or just another episode of the night, exaggerated by nothing but your mind and subconscious dreams pioneering a new chapter in the coming of a new day, in the dying of an old body and the birth of another microcosm of unexplained lifeless celestial kingdoms governed by that which cannot be comprehended by our toddler like minds? Whatever it be, it is your experience and for you to unravel. 

May the Darkness guide you to Your Light

Valentine’s Day

I believe that all couples must be in heaven today for it is the day of the black roses’ legitimate brother’s day. I don’t know if you can make sense of the previous statement but any greasy and cheesy nut can understand, it’s valentines day. What a farce! The media has for sure hyped up this lovely day, or is it really that lovely? Do you think it is important to show your love just on 14th February? Why not everyday? Go show your love to your beau. Show it everyday. Every moment you can ever steal from life. Wear a condom.