Chor – Teaser | The Catharsis Project

As I had mentioned earlier, some of my very talented filmmaker friends were working on something they call ‘The Catharsis Project‘. They’re very ambitious, and I happened to work with them on the Screenplay for their first short in this project, titled ‘Chor’.

Here is the teaser for the same. Hope you guys enjoy it. Like, share, subscribe. You know the drill.

May your Darkness guide you to your Light!


What a Splendid Morning…

Well, hello there folks. I know it isn’t really morning everywhere, but where I live, it’s morning. So Good Morning!
It has been a tough few months. I was working on my book, as I may have mentioned a few times in my last few posts. I wasn’t able to work on the blog, or anything else to be honest. However, I did work on 2 things in the mean time. I worked with the Catharsis Project on their first short film. I did the Screenplay for them. Apart from that, I did some freelance work. But now it’s time to return to my passions, which is writing and movies. So here’s my checklist for the next few days:

  1. Post more details about my book (This I will do once my Legal Consultant allows me to).
  2. Write Screenplay (I’ve been thinking and developing an idea for almost a year. Now that my book is done, I can finally move on to a new project).
  3. Write more. Blog more.

Well, for now I guess that’s it. I shall add more stuff to it. Until then…

May your Darkness guide you to your Light!

P.S.: The featured image is an old click from 2012. I had gone to Mahabalipuram, and clicked this on a low-end digicam. If you want to buy a printed version of the picture, or any of my other clicks, check out my mobileprints profile:

Pretentiousness at it’s finest in a Symbolism lost to Words

Transforming paradoxes into metaphorical lunacies
to unburden the staggering mind into deterioration
and flinging faeces at the flimsy formations of information
that create all that might be and may not
for all that might be or may not is naught
but complete absurdities of the nature of illusions
amidst the passages that bridge the realms of the multiverse
to decode the binary codecs of life and death.

-Ronit Jadhav

May Your Darkness guide you to Your Light!

Existential Decomposition

Fractured Moonlight falls upon the lonely tomb
of he whose name no one shall ever remember
For time hath eroded his existence from the very stone
that carved unto itself his name, his fame.
The Doer of Good or Evil unknown
lies nameless in his Decomposed Coffin.
And here we sit dreaming of Eternal Glory.

-Ronit Jadhav

May Your Darkness guide you to Your Light

Cosmic Fallacy

Blinded by the greatness of the radiant sun,
The stars shy away every morning as,
The moon hides behind the shoulder of the horizon.
Yet, what astounds the people is not,
The astral beauty of the cosmos,
Nor it’s functionality.
It is the breached privacy of those
They deem worthy of fame.

– Ronit Jadhav

May Your Darkness guide you to Your Light!

I seriously need to get a hold of myself… maybe not…

Yes, I know many people do go through their own existential crisis. It seems inevitable to not do that, especially if you’re 21. With so much of the world exposed to us, I feel like the surmounting pile of opportunities emits a foul stench of confusion. So many people are confused. I might be just one of them.
Well, no. I know what I want to do. It’s kind of a long way. And well, when it comes to money, not everyone is patient. I don’t know if I should just take the short route out like everyone else, or do what I am doing and keep up the hard struggle to achieve my dreams.

As of now, I’ve submitted my short film for a few international festivals. I’m meeting a legal consultant regarding my book, which I hope to publish by the end of this year. I am working towards what I want.
I think I just need to vent out my thoughts this way. I started off with not being sure about my future and with just 178 words, I’m already feeling better. I shouldn’t stop blogging, I guess. I don’t know how many people would want to read a random dude’s life, but I bet there are some.

And to those people, I say, have a great life, you only have one at the moment. If not, well, maybe in your next one you’ll find what you want. I know what I want now, I can feel my soul tingle every time I do what I want to do. Isn’t that what you should aim for?

Who knows? I’m just a random 21-year-old experiencing frequent existential crises. Hope you guys are better off.

May Your Darkness guide you to Your Light!

The Unhappy Warlord

So, I follow this guy Chuck Wendig. Every Friday he posts flash fiction challenges for writers to follow.

This weeks challenge was to write a 100 word story. No particular theme or challenge, just a simple 100 word story. This is my story, it’s exactly 100 words.



Once upon a time, there lived an unhappy Warlord. He had conquered all the lands of the world, but there was something he couldn’t understand. Despite having all the material possible, the Warlord wasn’t happy.
After contemplating over his issues, he realised what he had to do.
He discarded the title of ‘Warlord’, and declared himself as ‘God’. His life changed, and with it, the world.
Till this day, no one has ever seen him. All we know is that people will kill in his name. Perhaps the imprint he has left on our race will never fade…

The End